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Will Salt In The Winter Ruin My Concrete Coating?

Winter can bring on lots of unwanted elements to your concrete. Along with the cold temperatures and wet conditions, your concrete is also exposed to numerous harmful chemicals, such as road salt, that can quickly damage your concrete. The biggest preventer of damaging your concrete is coating it, but the real question is, can salt...
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How Do I Keep My Garage Floor Dry In The Winter?

Your home’s garage floor goes through a lot of work with the constant foot and vehicle traffic. But during those winter months, its workload increases. Along with the continuous exposure to dust, dirt, mud, car leaking, and rain during the winter, your garage floor also has to battle the snow, ice, salt, and other chemicals. ...
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Can You Apply Epoxy To Concrete in Cold Weather?

With winter drawing near and summer and fall activities wrapping up, you might realize you didn’t get all your household projects done in time before the super cold months in Minnesota hit. Rather than waiting until next summer, you might be wondering if there is anything you can do during the cold weather that you...
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What Are Concrete Spacers and Why are They Important?

When laying concrete in Minnesota, you might believe it’s as simple as pouring and laying it, but a lot more goes into it than you think. Concrete spacers and blocks are tools used to position the reinforcing bar beneath your concrete. Incorporating these tools is an essential part of the concrete process, and without them,...
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Create the Best Playroom For Your Kids This Winter

With winter closing in and your kids being forced to play indoors, having the perfect playroom to enjoy themselves and express their creativity might be the best option for your family. It can be hard to keep children entertained without letting them explore and make a mess. These simple tips and ideas are open for...
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Concrete Coating is Great For Commercial Flooring

If you own a business, chances are you have certain floors that are highly trafficked. If your concrete floors are left uncoated, it’s only a matter of time before those trafficked areas become damaged by dirt, dropped items, foot traffic, and everything else that meets your floors. Those exposed floors can easily be damaged or...
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What Is The Right Time of Year to Get My Concrete Coated?

Living in Minnesota, we are used to doing everything seasonally. You might be wondering if there is a ‘right’ time of year to coat your concrete. Concrete Coatings of Minnesota specializes in doing year round coatings, but there are certain limitations to your individual projects. What Concrete Can I Get Coated in the Winter? Minnesotans...
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How to Winterize Your Outdoor Patio

What Are The Best Ways to Winterize Your Patio In Minnesota? Having an outdoor patio with concrete in Minnesota, it can easily be vulnerable to damage in the winter. As you may be preparing your home and car for the colder weather, you also need to think about winterizing your concrete. At Concrete Coatings of...
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How You Know Your Concrete Floor is Ready For a Makeover

Are Your Concrete Floors in Need of a Makeover? The quality of your concrete floors is something that can easily be overlooked. But when is the right time to get them replaced or repaired? If you notice any cracks, stains, or pits, it might be time to look at new solutions for your concrete floors....
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