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Minneapolis Patio Concrete Coating Service

An outdoor residential patio is a great place for our polyaspartic concrete coatings. They make excellent concrete finishes, adding to the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the patio. The coating of your choice will solve a wide range of problems. These problems include chipping and cracking of the concrete and trip and fall hazards. Our Minneapolis patio concrete coating service will solve these problems for you before they start so you don’t have to worry about them in the near future or years down the road.

Fast Concrete Coating Installation

At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, installation of our polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings is fast. We use Citadel products, which means you get:

  • One day installation with return to service the next day
  • Environmentally friendly installation due to little to no VOCs
  • A low maintenance surface
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance and durability
  • A wide range of colors and textures to choose from
  • 100% UV stability to prevent yellowing of the coating

The list of benefits is long. Most of all, you won’t have to replace the concrete surface before you want to. Our concrete coatings add years to the concrete. The beautiful stain resistant surface will cover any unsightly cracks and defects so you can enjoy your patio the way you’re supposed to.

The coating is also a great replacement for tile. If you have a tile patio, the tile can be removed and the concrete surface prepared to accept the coating you choose. We have different style options that include:

Each has a wide range of color to match the décor of your home.

Helping You Solve Problems

In the end, our Minneapolis patio concrete coating service helps you solve current and future problems. To give you the coating that you want, simply tell us what you like and what is going on with your patio. We will devise a strategy, give you a quote, and determine a time when work can begin. Once we start, the coating process can be completed in one day so you can use your patio the next day. Of course, the weather has to cooperate to meet this timeline, but you can count on us working fast and with precision.

Contact A Minneapolis Patio Concrete Coating Service

The patio is a place to relax. Unfortunately, relaxation is hard if the patio isn’t very aesthetically pleasing or if the concrete is chipping away. At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, we specialize in outdoor concrete coatings so you can have the patio you’ve always wanted. To learn more about our products and services, call us at 651-458-0196 and request a free quote.

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