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Minneapolis Quartz Floor Coating Installers

Commercial floors are one of the environments that are ideal for quartz floor coatings. They tend to be used in retail environments so that the finish can stand up to the incredible amount of foot traffic that the floor experiences. It is important that the floor is protected and durable because a retail floor that isn’t coated is one that will fail before its time. This could become very expensive. Our Minneapolis quartz floor coating installers are committed to installing a high-quality product that will last.

You will find that our quartz floor coatings by Citadel are very durable and beautiful. A broadcast of quartz aggregates is integrated into the coating, allowing you to have a customized coating that can meet your needs. You also have a wide range of colors to choose from. We will carefully coordinate the coating of your floors with your wants and needs.

Quality Quartz Floor Coatings

Quartz floor coatings have superb aesthetic qualities. They don’t yellow, fade, or peel, especially since the coatings are resistant to UV rays. If the flooring is in an area that receives a lot of sun exposure, you don’t have to worry about the floor changing appearance. Other qualities of the quartz floor coatings that we install include:

  • High chemical resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals
  • Excellent durability against heavy traffic
  • Low to no VOCs, keeping the air as clean as possible
  • Fast curing time so downtown is minimized, allowing things to get back to normal as possible.

There are also many applications for quartz floor coatings. They include:

Quartz floor coatings can also be found in schools, office buildings, and hospitals. The list of applications is numerous and our Minneapolis quartz floor coating installers can install the flooring you need.

A Company You Can Trust

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota is a company that you can trust. We believe in communication so that you know what’s happening throughout the process. We answer your questions when you have them and ensure the process is done quickly. A fast and accurate process means things get back to normal as soon as possible.

Contact A Minneapolis Quartz Floor Coating Installers

Quartz floor systems are strong and beautiful with different colors to match the décor of your warehouse, kitchen, or other space. If you are ready for attractive flooring that will last, Concrete Coatings of Minnesota can help you. We have a range of quartz floor coatings that will work with your style and your desire for durable flooring. To learn more or get a free quote, call us at 651-458-0196.

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