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Are Concrete Countertops Right for You?

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Have You Thought About Concrete Countertops For Your Home?

While all your friends are ordering their kitchen countertops in granite or marble, you want something unique. So you’re thinking—Concrete!

Whether you are looking for an industrial look or something with unmatched elegance, concrete offers options that many people overlook when remodeling their kitchen.


Concrete is a naturally strong material. That’s why we use it in sidewalks, roads, driveways, and foundations. And when your contractor adds glass fibers to the mix, the super-strong material also becomes lightweight, even allowing for overhangs.

Because the countertops are poured into one solid mold, there are no lines on the surface.

Time and Money

Because your concrete countertop is a handcrafted item, you can have it made into any shape or size that you want. The materials are inexpensive. However, like all handcrafted items, your countertop will cost more and take longer to produce due to the time needed to design, cast, and cure. Expect this process to take a few weeks.

Customizations Galore!

If you like the natural look of concrete, you can have it sealed with our Clean and Seal technique. This protects your countertop from stains and scratches. In addition, it is UV resistant and will allow you to have a non-porous surface on which to prepare your food.

There are countless other gorgeous coatings to choose from in a variety of colors and designs. These, too, are UV resistant. They will resist stains, chips, and scratches. Our coatings are also heat-safe, so you don’t need to worry about putting a hot pan down on the surface because the coating can handle it.

For special applications, you can have logos or other images stenciled onto the countertop’s surface.

How to get started

We don’t make concrete countertops, but we can coat them. If it’s made of concrete, we can coat it! Contact us to find out more!

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