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For many homeowners and business owners, the main advantage of concrete floors is the versatility that they offer. Not only can concrete floors be colored to match any preference, but you can choose finishes that resemble marble, slate, tile, and much more. There is no other flooring material that gives this kind of flexibility so you can give it a unique look.

What’s more is that concrete can be made stronger through the concrete coating process. This is the process that gives the look of tile, slate, marble, and other materials. Concrete Coatings of Minnesota is a Minneapolis concrete floor coating company that uses advanced finishing techniques to give the cutting-edge looks that customers want.

We have helped homeowners and business owners throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the entire Twin Cities have the coated concrete floors they want. We offer a wide range of styles so you have a good choice.

Many Styles To Choose From

We believe in giving choice. That is why we offer you an array of the following styles:

Garage Floor Coatings MN
One Day Garage Floor Mn
Polyurea Floor Coatings MN
Polyurea Garage Floor MN

solid colors

Solid color floor coatings are ideal for warehouses, storage facilities, and other such environments where you need a tough concrete floor that also looks nice. Our polyurea polyaspartic coatings are available in a variety of colors with a level of gloss that can improve the brightness of a room.

Seafoam Green

decorative chip

Our three-layer, easy to install chip systems are our most popular seller with customers. They are great for any garage, basement, bathroom, and light commercial environments. Concrete Coatings of Minnesota's Decorative chip make creating that perfect floor a breeze!



Pearlescent Metallic™ powder tints produce marbleized floor coatings that contain pearlescent and iridescent accents with gleaming finishes. These lustrous floor coatings are the newest solution for commercial applications, retail environments and for many residential customers looking to set their home apart from others.

Polyurea Floor Coatings MN


The Medici color system has a nice variety of colors. There is an option for you no matter the application. The coating can match the style of the room rather than the room being adapted to match the coating. The end result is high gloss flooring that is highly functional and durable.

Polyurea Garage Floor MN


This is a great broadcast system for commercial kitchens, entry ways, industrial bathrooms, and heavy traffic areas. This is our best seller to customers for any commercial and industrial system. Usable on vertical surfaces, and with the installation of Speed Cove, this system is a seamless, easy to clean durable surface that will last.


Each style has its own set of colors and characteristics that will work well on your garage floor, showroom floor, kitchen floor, warehouse floor, and wherever you need it.

Indoor And Outdoor Applications

At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, we specialize in indoor and outdoor applications. Our concrete coatings can also be applied to patios, pool decks, and sidewalks. Whatever you need, tell us and we will listen. As a Minneapolis concrete floor coating company, it is important to us that we give you the service that you are looking for.

Contact A Minneapolis Concrete Floor Coating Company

At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, it is very important for us to offer many styles. This is because we want you to have the flooring that you deserve. We also want your concrete floors to last as long as possible, even in harsh conditions. To learn more about how our concrete floor coating installers can help you, call us at 651-458-0196 to request a free quote.

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