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There are a number of residential applications for floor coatings. Garages and basements are two of the most common areas with concrete floors that need to be coated. Unprotected garage and basement floors tend to be more vulnerable to damage from chemicals, moisture, and wear and tear. With a Polyurea primer basecoat and Polyaspartic Top Coat installed by our Minneapolis residential coating company, your garage, basement, or other types of concrete flooring gets the protection that it needs.

High-Quality Polyaspartic Polyurea Topcoats

Our products come from Citadel, an industry leader in concrete floor coatings. The following are the advantages of the quality coatings that we install:

  • Polyureas are more flexible than hybrid floor coatings. In fact, they have 98% more flexibility, which makes them more able to withstand temperature fluctuations. They can expand and contract without cracking. It also only takes 24 hours for a polyurea floor coating to cure.
  • Compared to hybrid floor coatings, polyureas are more resistant to abrasions. This is because of their flexibility. They are more resistant, the amount of abuse that can be withstood is incredible because they are malleable and can take impact a lot better.
  • Chemical resistance is an important quality. If you will be having your floor coating installed in a garage where chemical spills may happen. Polyureas are more able to withstand acids, grease, salt, gas, oil, hydroxides, and more. In other words, the coating withstands what you will most likely be bringing into your garage.
  • Polyureas are 20 times more adhesive and more resistant to delamination then hybrid floor coatings and it only takes approximately an hour to cure. During this hour, the product is able to penetrate deeply into the concrete so that it forms a molecular bond.
  • Polyaspartic topcoat are UV stable, which is important if you want your concrete coated floor to last for the long-term and look great. There will be no fading caused by UV exposure, so it is okay if your garage has windows or doors that frequently allow sunlight to shine on the floor.

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At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, you can count on great communication, excellent service, and a superior product that will last for years to come. When you have a concrete floor in your home that has to last, our Minneapolis residential floor coating company has your back. We can coat your:

There are also a number of outdoor applications that include:







If you need it done, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your vision and goals for your property.

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