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Metallic floors are becoming a hot trend in floor coatings, finding their way into both residential and commercial applications. They are considered an exotic garage floor coating option. The coatings are glossy and available in a variety of colors, producing a visual effect that other coatings don’t always give. The appearance is three-dimensional, giving the floor some depth due to the illusion of ripples, swirls, or what could be referred to as a "sea of plasma." For whatever look you are going for, our Minneapolis metallic floor coating installers will make it happen for you.

One-Of-A-Kind Concrete Coatings

At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, we coat floors with the Citadel metallic floor coating system. This system is designed to enhance an environment’s ambiance due to reflective quality, variation in colors, and durability. Other features and benefits include:

  • A beautiful color pallet
  • A fast curing system, allowing for fast installation
  • Single day application and you can use your floors the next day
  • Intricate application techniques for a correct install
  • UV stable to avoid yellowing or fading when exposed to the sun.

Common commercial and residential applications for metallic floor coatings include:

Because the floor coatings we install are polyaspartic, you receive unique performance characteristics. The finish is long lasting and durable. The coating is engineered to withstand the toughest environments. The end result is flooring that withstands a great deal of abuse. It is also resistant to damage from many chemicals.

Don’t Replace Your Concrete Floors

When you choose a metallic floor coating, you don’t need to replace your concrete floor. The existing concrete floor is prepared to accept the coating. The floor will then look like new. This is a cost-effective solution that also saves a significant amount of time. A polyaspartic polyurea metallic floor coating is typically installed in a single day, whereas a concrete floor can take weeks to be torn out and re-poured. We want you to get back to normal as quickly as possible

Contact Minneapolis Metallic Floor Coating Installers

Metallic floor coatings are very attractive and growing in popularity. If you want flooring with depth without having to replace your existing concrete floor, our metallic floor coatings will give you the look that you want. We can review your options with you and make it happen. To learn more about how Concrete Coatings of Minnesota can help you, call 651-458-0196 to request a free quote.

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