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Our Floor Coating Process

Is Your Concrete Flooring Ready for a Makeover?

You might be wondering what coating your concrete will involve. Our concrete coating process has been tested and proven in homes and businesses in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and beyond. This starts when you contact us. When you do, we set up an appointment to come to your home or business at your convenience. At that appointment, we will look at the project and prepare an estimate.

Schedule Your Concrete Coating

Once you accept and sign the estimate, we will contact you to schedule your project. Our installation schedule is usually less than four weeks out. Before our arrival, you will need to empty your garage or business to prepare for its transformation. If you need storage for the contents of the space we will be working in, we offer an optional 8’X20′ lockable storage solution from Dart Portable Storage for an additional charge. You will have use of the storage unit for 30 days.

Prepare the Concrete

All coatings require proper preparation of the concrete. Residential, commercial, and exterior floor surfaces get the same treatment. The floors are ground to a finish that not only cleans the concrete but opens the pores of the concrete to promote proper adhesion of the coating. We use state of the art grinding equipment to prepare the concrete along with a high-powered dustless vacuum that is 97% HEPA dust free. All the dust is contained and disposed. Any cracks, spalling or pitted concrete will then be repaired.

Making The Concrete Coating Beautiful

Now we apply the primer/base coat.

If you have chosen a coating system that uses Decorative Chip to create the decorative finish, we will broadcast them across the surface by hand (This is why you want someone with experience coating your concrete).

Once the chip has cured into the basecoat, we use commercial floor scrapers both ways on the floor to dislodge and remove any excess chip.

Next, we remove the excess chip, and vacuum the floor again.

Finally, we apply the topcoat that protects your floor from chemicals, weathering, and yellowing, all while giving it a showroom floor finish.

When We Leave

We will leave your home, business, or outdoor space clean. We treat our customers and their property with respect. We want to make sure we leave your garage, basement, or workplace is better all around because of the work we have done! 

Are You Ready To Finally Have the Garage Floor or Commercial Floor You’ve Always Wanted?

Our concrete coating process has been tested and proven at homes and businesses in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and the greater Twin Cities area. Find out for yourself why so many others have trusted Concrete Coatings of Minnesota.