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Concrete Floor Coating Improves Warehouse Efficiency

Any commercial or industrial environment has to be as efficient as possible. What’s amazing is that flooring can affect that efficiency. For instance, moving a pallet jack over a cracked or chipped floor can cause the pallet jack to get stuck or the load could tip and cause a very dangerous and expensive situation. Concrete floor coating will smooth the surface to where there are no cracks or chips that can lead to equipment getting stuck and causing safety hazards and terrible spills. The floor remains in sound condition so everyone can do their job safely.



Benefits of Concrete Floor Coating in Warehouses

There are a number of benefits to using concrete floor coating in warehouses for the sake of improving efficiency.


Employee Safety

Employee safety is the #1 priority. If you use forklifts, the floor needs to be level or a forklift can tip. It can also tilt and lose what it’s carrying. Poyaspartic floor coatings are hot-tire resistant, so the use of forklifts isn’t an issue on the coating. Floors that aren’t cracked or chipped away are a forklift’s best friend.

Warehouse floor coatings can also be skid-resistant to avoid slip and fall accidents.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance is very important because accidental spills happen. Polyaspartic floors make cleaning these spills easy so more time than necessary isn’t spent on the task. You also don’t have to worry about chemicals seeping into the pores of bare concrete, which presents its own hazard.

Better Visibility

Concrete coatings add gloss. Gloss reflects light well, which means it can be easier to see while working. It may also be possible to turn off some lights and use any natural sunlight that may come into the warehouse. The coating is 100% UV stable, so there is no worry that sunlight will cause yellowing. Turning off a few lights can save money on utility bills.

Motivate Employees

Any work environment that is as aesthetically pleasing as possible can motivate employees. An employee that doesn’t have to look at a humdrum floor is an employee that may feel happier. There are many styles and colors of floor coatings to choose from. Just because the environment is a warehouse doesn’t mean that there aren’t parts of it that can be aesthetically pleasing and motivating.

Avoid Concrete Replacement

When dealing with chipped or cracked concrete floors, you can avoid concrete replacement. Polyaspartic floor coverings have a very tight hold on the concrete. It penetrates for maximum adhesion. This can mitigate cracks and chips can be dealt with. The cost of concrete floor coatings is significantly less than concrete replacement.

Many Unique Properties

Overall, concrete floor coatings have very unique properties. The exact benefits you experience could be specific to your business. Nonetheless, the coatings will create a smooth and safe surface that will be functional for years to come.

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