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Create the Best Playroom For Your Kids This Winter

Building A Tower. Playing Game. Kids Having Fun In The Domestic Room At Daytime Together

With winter closing in and your kids being forced to play indoors, having the perfect playroom to enjoy themselves and express their creativity might be the best option for your family. It can be hard to keep children entertained without letting them explore and make a mess. These simple tips and ideas are open for suggestion and can be used to create the best playroom that fits your family’s style!

Choose a Theme Or Design For The Playroom

Having a theme or color palette for your playroom allows your children to thrive in an environment they feel comfortable in. A theme or color palette could be based on your child’s interests, such as outer space, superheroes, or, simpler yet, your child’s favorite color(s). More than one child? Find a theme to suite the needs of both kids! Perhaps a jungle theme or under the sea, where multiple children can easily relate to the design. It also helps them with their imagination and lets them have some creativity and choice in their home.

Take Advantage of the Space 

Depending on the space you have, it’s essential to use the entire room to your advantage. Perhaps the walls could be covered in chalk paint so the kids can scribble and write on them whenever they want, or you could install a small climbing wall to get their energy out while staying indoors during the Minnesota winter.

Use furniture that you can use as a stabilizer for a fort, or have a couch that doubles as a bed for the many sleepovers to come. Storage shelves are your best friend in these situations as they can keep the cluttered space more organized and can hold all of the toys your children play with. It also ] teaches your children how to clean up their own space and easily find it again the next day. 

Make The Space Adaptable for Growing Kids

As your kids grow up, your playroom should grow with them. Your furniture needs to be easily suited for many different spaces and looks. Your kids might want a change of theme or paint over the years or possibly even want to design the space for themselves. Keep the space open for creativity!

Have a Floor That Will Last

A playroom consists of exactly what it sounds like, a lot of playing. This can lead to your floor taking a beating. Spills and other accidents are bound to happen, and to make sure that your flooring can last through it all, you need to choose the best floor! A concrete floor with a polyaspartic or polyurea coating will allow your flooring to last through all the roughhousing and messes. Polyaspartic or Polyurea concrete coatings are: 

  • Scratch and impact-resistant
  • Chemical and stain-resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Elastomeric quality, meaning it is flexible rather than rock-hard

Have a floor that can keep up with your kids. And numerous colors, patterns, and textures are available to choose from to fit the need of your playroom theme!

Choose The Best Team For Your Home

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota is there for all your concrete coating needs. Along with playrooms, we specialize in coating garage floors, basement floors, driveways, patios, and much more. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next project.

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