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Garage Floor Repair in Brooklyn Park

Speckled garage floor

There are two types of concrete: concrete that has cracked, and concrete that is going to crack.

When Shrinking Cracks Your Concrete

There are a few reasons for cracking. Shrinking is one of them. 20 square feet of fresh concrete will shrink 1/8” to 1/4” as it cures.

Keeping this in mind, engineers and contractors often try to control where the concrete will crack. They place control joints in the concrete slabs 10-20 feet apart in both directions, much the same way a sidewalk is sectioned off into 5–10-foot sections.

These control joints can be made:

  • with a hand jointer tool to make grooves in the joints as it hardens
  • by inserting plastic control joints as they pour the concrete
  • by cutting the slab with a saw after it has hardened slightly

The control joint must be at least ¼ of the depth of the concrete. Otherwise, the concrete won’t be thin enough to crack where it is supposed to. Unfortunately, many contractors don’t make these control joints deep enough. The result is often unsightly cracks. With time, those cracks get worse, and eventually concrete chips away, leaving you with potholes in your own garage!

That’s what happened to one Brooklyn Park Homeowner

She found herself with a garage floor full of cracks, the year she was planning her son’s graduation party. After asking around, she discovered that there is a solution!

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota

We were able to repair the Brooklyn Park garage floor despite the cold outdoor temperatures. Our polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings bond easily to practically any concrete surface. They are flexible enough to deal with small cracks and can cure to full strength in as little as 30 minutes. Within 48 -72 hours, your garage will be back in full use!

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota will repair your garage floor right–the first time!

Your New Garage Floor

  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • Chemical Spill-Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • UV Stable
  • The Envy of Your Neighbors!

Are You Ready for Your New Garage Floor…

…At a fraction of the price? Learn more about our high-quality garage floor coatings and how we can make your vision a reality! Contact us today to request a free quote.


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