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Minneapolis Floor Coating Installer & Basement Floor Coatings

Finishing your basement floor adds aesthetic appeal while giving the floor the strength that it needs to last for years to come. At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, we use practical flooring options that look great and stand up to the abuses that basement floors go through on a daily basis. What’s more is the coating is installed by a Minneapolis floor coating installer that pays close attention to detail to ensure the project is completed according to your specifications.

High-Quality Floor Coatings

Basement floor coatings are a great way to protect concrete from stains, chemical damage, moisture, and degradation. Our decorative floor coatings from Citadel means that you will have a beautiful living space without the worry of moldy carpet, loose tiles, or warped hardwood flooring. If the basement floods, you don’t have to worry about replacing your flooring.

There are different styles of coatings available and they include:

Which you choose is entirely up to your taste and your style. There is a very diverse color pallet to choose from so you can match existing décor or use the flooring as the focal point of your basement.

Many Options To Choose From

It doesn’t matter if you want a basement floor that is simple in its function or one that is more involved. Your floor will be the envy of friends and family. The colors available include green, red, blue, tan, gray, and black. With the available color pallet that allows you to be creative, your basement could be your new favorite room.

When you opt for a Minneapolis floor coating installer to install your floor, then you know it is done right. At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, we are very diligent in the work that we do. We are able to complete the work quickly, as your floor can be ready in a day, but we don’t sacrifice quality.

Contact A Minneapolis Floor Coating Installer

Basements are subject to moisture and other harsh conditions, which can be tough on the floors. By having your concrete floor coated with a high-quality coating, you can extend the life of the floor. You protecting it against water, chemicals, and wear and tear. The floor will also long great for the long-term. To learn more about how Concrete Coatings of Minnesota can help you, call 651-458-0196 to request a free quote.

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