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Floor Repair


The Art of Concrete Crack Repair

Our high-performing proprietary Polyurea crack repair product and techniques will restore your floor to better than new!

The most important step in resurfacing concrete floors is proper surface preparation and crack repair. Restoring the concrete will ensure a beautiful, flat surface and prevent blemishes from bleeding through later, while creating a durable, waterproof floor.

We fill cracks all the way to the bottom, not just the top surface. Our filler is absorbed into the walls of the concrete and activated by moisture, while curing below the surface. Once the Polyurea cures below the surface, extensive moisture pressure is prevented from pushing upwards and delaminating the final coating. Once the concrete crack is filled and cured, any excess is ground smooth.

Fixing Concrete Spalling

Many concrete floors have a condition called “spalling.” This results from rebar corrosion or salts that push to the surface, decomposing the concrete. In many cases, especially in cold climates like ours, de-icing salts tracked into a garage will harm concrete.

We restore problematic concrete with our Polyurea repair product that is absorbed into the damaged area, actually becoming part of the floor. We do not merely apply a patch material that will dislodge later. Our repair process is permanent. Once the patch has cured, we grind the floor smooth, preventing the possibility of it being seen through the final decorative coat.

Filling Expansion Joints

We can fill expansion joints if needed. We take great care to ensure that what happens below will not affect your top coat.

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