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What Is The Right Time of Year to Get My Concrete Coated?

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Living in Minnesota, we are used to doing everything seasonally. You might be wondering if there is a ‘right’ time of year to coat your concrete. Concrete Coatings of Minnesota specializes in doing year round coatings, but there are certain limitations to your individual projects.

What Concrete Can I Get Coated in the Winter?

Minnesotans know the harshness of the winter months, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right time to elevate your interior concrete. Whether it’s your garage floor or basement, it doesn’t necessarily need to be done during the warmer months. 

Polyurea or Polyaspartic coatings apply well in colder conditions and offer many advantages that work well for your concrete during the winter. Consider using this type of coating for your garage or basement as it offers 3-5 times more strength than an epoxy coating, creates a strong bond to your concrete, is able to resist moisture, and the best part, it’s available in multiple different stains and scratch-resistant colors and styles. Fitting the needs of an area of your house that you need to be coated. 

Where Do I Store All My Stuff While You Work?

We know that your garage or basement can be reserved for storing off-season equipment and items, so it might seem a little impractical to remove it all after you just stored it for the winter. That’s why we work with a storage company that can provide you with portable storage units while we work. These units can be filled and kept on site for you until things are ready to be put back in place after we finish the job. 

What About My Outdoor Spaces?

Sadly, Minnesota winter brings Minnesota winter weather. We can’t fight the coldness and moisture that the snowy months bring, so you’ll have to reserve your outdoor spaces for coating during the warmer months. We want your coating to last, and your outdoor patios, walkways, driveways, and steps are automatically more exposed to the elements. Getting those spaces coated before the winter approaches will make them last that much longer. 

We’re Available Year-Round!

Don’t let the colder months scare you away. Concrete Coatings of Minnesota is always around to help with rain, shine, or snow. Call today to receive a free estimate on your next coating project!

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