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Why You Should Get Your Patio Coated For Spring in Minnesota

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As April is upon us in Minnesota, we are starting to see the transition from snowy nights to warmer days. With the great outdoor temperatures around the corner, it’s the perfect time to prep your outdoor patio to enjoy the spring flowers and summer nights ahead. 

Start Off Your Spring Cleaning Right

Living in Minnesota, one can only guess the damage our outdoor spaces endure during the winter. As the snow has melted away and we see how impactful weather can be to concrete and other outdoor surfaces, it might be time to consider coating your concrete patio or porch. Choosing to invest in the coating of your concrete can be not only beneficial to your bank account but can also completely transform the look of your outdoor space. Check out how coating your concrete can help you: 

Benefits of Coating Your Patio

Protects Your Concrete From Any Weather

Bare concrete patio floors can be durable but porous. Dust, dirt, water, bacteria, pests, and other small contaminants can make their way underneath the surface of your concrete and cause problems. Not only that, but excessive sunlight, heavy snowfall, and intense rain also harm your exposed concrete. Even if an awning or enclosure covers your patio, these environmental forces are strong enough that your concrete will wear over time. 

By applying a coat to your concrete, you seal off any gaps, pores, or openings to prevent any outdoor forces from entering while also giving your concrete a protected layer from strong UV rays. 

Defends Against Regular Activity

Weather isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to the wearing of your concrete. Spending time outdoors whenever possible is important for Minnesotans because we only get so many warm months. This means that your patio will have a lot more traffic during the spring and summer time. Whether it’s the constant treading of people, scraping of furniture or even debris from your grill, it can wear out your patio a lot more quickly if left unprotected. 

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota has created a coating that is designed to withstand these various activities. Rather than having to worry about the condition of your patio, you can spend your time enjoying the nice weather!

Patio Maintenance Becomes Easy

It can become so easy for your patio to be filled with dirt and fallen debris. But rather than constantly spending your time cleaning your outdoor surfaces, a coated patio will lessen the hassle. The smooth surface coated concrete provides makes sweeping and washing incredibly easy. It also helps keep any unwanted elements from sticking to the patio in the first place. 

Have A Patio That Can Look Beautiful Too

Having a more durable patio isn’t the only benefit. Coating your concrete also allows you to choose from a wide variety of colors and styles that can match the aesthetic you want. You can customize your concrete to have the patio you have always wanted while also saving money along the way! Choosing to coat your concrete allows you to avoid repeatedly repairing your tarnished concrete and instead allows you to enjoy springtime  in Minnesota. 

Contact The Experts To Get Started

Spring is just around the corner and the perfect way to get ready for the warmer months is by transforming your outdoor patio. Concrete Coatings of Minnesota specializes in protecting your concrete while also making it look exactly to your liking. Contact us today to give your home’s patio the transformation it deserves. 

Just laid new concrete and wanted to keep it looking like new? Consider choosing our Clean & Seal coating process to attain that brand-new concrete look for years to come.

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