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Coating Your Concrete Pool and Pool Deck

Girl Holding Pool Noodle At Poolside on a concrete pool deck

Summertime is the best time of year if you own a pool. However, it also comes with maintenance and sometimes worries over potential slips and falls. Thankfully, you can relax and enjoy fun in the sun with our concrete coatings for your pool and pool deck!

Reasons our concrete coatings are the ideal protectant for your pool deck

·         Safety – Our non-slip surface will reduce slips and falls this summer.

·         Comfort – You don’t have to use gritty concrete additives to achieve our non-slip surface.

·         Heat Resistant – Our heat-resistant coating will keep the area cool to the touch.

·         Waterproof – The benefits to this are apparent.

·         Chemical Proof – This is essential with chlorine and other cleaning chemicals. They can take their toll on the pool and its surrounding area. Our concrete coatings can extend the life of these areas.

·         UV Stable – There will be no yellowing or cracking due to summer sunlight

Heat Resistance

Your pool deck is safe, even from the grill’s heat (and dropped food), because our coatings are heat resistant up to 266°F with a short-term rating of up to 430°F! This is also important if you have an outdoor fire pit. As the evenings grow cooler, a fire pit is a great addition to your poolside gatherings. Plus—you can make s’mores!

It’s Important to Choose a Reputable Concrete Coating Company

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota is the Twin Cities’ most trusted choice for concrete coating projects, including our Clean & Seal Process, epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurea Concrete Flooring.

We are a local family-owned and operated business that prides itself on treating our customers right.

All our technicians are factory trained and certified. We never cut corners, ensuring your pool deck will be done right the first time. Our brand-name products and quality service will result in a pool area you can be proud of for years!

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