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How To Have The Best Outdoor Patio in Minnesota

Outdoor patio space with stringing lights, a grill in the corner, and four chair seated around a fireplace

Looking For A Way To Have The Best Outdoor Patio This Summer?

As summertime arrives, having a beautiful and functional outdoor patio is the perfect way to enjoy the warmer days ahead. Getting a concrete coating is the ideal foundation for having your very own summer getaway right in your backyard!

What to Look for in an Outdoor Patio

  • Comfortable Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Shaded Areas
  • Beautiful Landscaping
  • Fire Pit

Why Concrete Coatings is the best option for your patio

Living in Minnesota, the weather is always unpredictable. With any outdoor surface, you want the best choice for your patio to protect it from Minnesota’s extreme weather conditions and feel great that your investment will last for years. 

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota understands the value of protecting your home’s outdoor spaces, especially when showing off to your guests for barbecue’s and all the summer activities. That’s why they successfully created a Clean & Seal process that is perfect for any outdoor surface you already have at your home.

Clean & Seal Process:

  • We will professionally power wash with a deep cleaning tool to prepare the concrete surfaces.
  • Next, we will apply cleaning agents that are specifically formulated for concrete.
  • Then, we will thoroughly rinse all the cleaning agents from the concrete surfaces.
  • We will let the surface dry for 24-48 hours.
  • Finally, we will apply one to two coats, depending on the project, of a commercial grade concrete sealer to fit your application to manufacture specs.

Keep it Stylish

You want your patio to look beautiful and durable. Our concrete coatings are a variety of colors and styles. Our concrete flooring is designed to match your vision for your space while offering finishes that resemble marble, slate, tile, and so much more. Our priority is the flooring material that suits your needs!

Call A Concrete Expert

Beyond outdoor patios and cleaning and sealing any outdoor space, we specialize in concrete coating basement floors, garage floors, driveways, steps, showrooms, and much more! Call us at (651) 458-0196 to get a free estimate today.

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