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Protecting Your Concrete Surfaces

concrete surfaces covered wit snow and ice

How Coatings Help with Minnesota’s Harsh Climate

You’ve finally installed those concrete floors you’ve been wanting for your home and now you can rest knowing your basement, workshop, garage, or other concrete-floored room looks just the way you want it to. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Concrete floors are vulnerable to the elements you track in with your shoes, such as dirt and rocks, which can scratch and damage your brand-new floor. Concrete and outdoor floors are particularly at risk during the wintertime, when Minnesotans track in corrosive de-icing materials, such as sand and salt, under the impression that their concrete floors can “handle it.”

The truth is while concrete floors are usually installed for their strength and durability, they’re still prone to cracks, scratches, and other damage. Concrete coatings act as a protective coating that saves your floors from damage for years to come. 

How Do Snow and Ice Damage Concrete Floors?

While snow, ice, dirt, and gravel can certainly scratch up your concrete floors, the biggest risk is the de-icing agents that cause salt corrosion—a well-known issue that deteriorates concrete surfaces over time. This corrosion affects not only the smooth look of your concrete floor but also its structural integrity, leading to cracks, pitting, and eventual failure.

Concrete Coatings Can Help – Here’s How 

Concrete coatings serve as a protective barrier between the harsh elements and your floor. Concrete coatings are designed to resist the adverse effects of weather, chemicals, and physical wear. By applying a concrete coating, you can significantly improve your floor’s durability and lifespan.

Let’s review the many benefits concrete coatings have to offer:

Your Floors Will Look Better

Sure, undamaged floors make great-looking floors, but it doesn’t stop there! Concrete coatings can transform dull, lifeless concrete into a shiny, vibrant concrete floor. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, these coatings allow for customization that can complement any design preference. 

Your Floor Will Be More Durable

Concrete coatings protect your floors from Minnesota winters and all the ice, snow, and corrosive de-icing agents that come with them. However, concrete coatings protect your floors year-round as well. 

Because concrete coatings provide a waterproof barrier that protects against moisture-related issues, such as mold growth and water damage, they’re resistant to stains and can withstand lots of foot traffic or heavy furniture and vehicles. 

Your Floors Will Be Slip-Proof 

This point is especially relevant if you have a concrete floor in your garage. Minnesota winters mean slippery floors. Some concrete coatings can improve your property’s safety by offering slip-resistant surfaces, no matter how cold and icy it gets outdoors.

Concrete Coatings Are Low Maintenance

Uncoated concrete can be challenging to clean and maintain. Concrete coatings require little to no maintenance, with only regular sweeping and occasional mopping to keep your floor looking clean and shiny.

Which Concrete Coating Should I Choose?

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are popular for their robustness and versatility, making them a perfect choice for garages and workshops. These coatings are made of a resin and hardener that, when mixed, create a tough, long-lasting surface.

Let’s review the advantages of epoxy coatings: 

Durability – Epoxy is resistant to heavy foot traffic, impacts, stains, and chemicals, making it ideal for areas that endure a lot of wear and tear.

Slip Resistance – By incorporating additives like grit or sand, epoxy floors can become slip-resistant.

Aesthetic Appeal – Available in various colors and patterns, epoxy can be customized to fit the look and theme of your space. 

Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings share some similarities with epoxy but stand out due to their rapid curing time and UV stability.

Let’s review the advantages of polyaspartic coatings

Slip Resistance – Like epoxy, polyaspartic can be mixed with additives to create a slip-resistant surface.

Fast Curing Time – Polyaspartic coatings can cure within hours, which reduces the wait time before you can use your garage again. 

UV Resistance – Unlike some other coatings, polyaspartic is UV stable, meaning it won’t yellow or fade in sunlight.

Flexibility – Polyaspartic coatings can be applied in almost all weather conditions and temperatures.

Polyurea Coatings

Known for their rapid setting time and exceptional durability, polyurea coatings are a great choice for areas that need heavy-duty protection like garages. 

Let’s review the advantages of polyurea coatings:

Slip Resistance – Polyurea coatings can be mixed with anti-slip additives to create a safer walking surface. 

Ultra-Fast Setting Time – Unlike other coatings that may take longer to dry, polyurea coatings can set and harden in minutes.

Durability – Polyurea coatings are highly resistant to wear, making them ideal for garage floors. They withstand physical impacts, abrasions, and chemical spills better than many other coating types, ensuring a long-lasting and hard-wearing surface.

Moisture and Chemical Resistance – Polyurea coatings are exceptionally resistant to moisture, making them perfect for garages that may be exposed to water, damp conditions, or chemical spills.

What Else Can I Do To Protect My Concrete Floors?

While concrete coatings do offer steadfast protection, you can extend the lifespan of your coatings by taking proactive steps in maintaining your floors. That includes cleaning out any snow, ice, salt, or sand residue you track in, avoiding excessive use of de-icing agents on your property, and applying a high-quality sealant.

How Do I Know What Coating Is Right for My Concrete Surface?

When choosing a coating for your property, it’s important to take into account the specific stressors your concrete or porch floors sustain, such as how much traffic they get, whether ever exposed to chemicals, and how much maintenance or cleaning you’re willing to perform. 

Consult a concrete coatings specialist to help you out! 

We always recommend having your coatings applied by experts to ensure proper application and the best results. Most concrete coatings will require little to no maintenance apart from regular sweeping and mopping. 

Get Your Concrete Coatings From Minnesota’s Concrete Experts!

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota offers many high-quality concrete coatings suitable for various uses and settings, including garages, basements, warehouses, commercial spaces, and other concrete surfaces.

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