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Auto Dealership Floor Coatings St Louis Park

Auto Dealership Floor Coatings St Louis Park

Floor Coatings Company & Auto Dealership Floor Coatings St Louis Park

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota has helped auto dealerships around Minneapolis and St. Paul have the floors that they need to make their automobiles stand out. However, coated concrete floors go beyond the Auto Dealership Floor Coatings in St Louis Park. The floors are useful in other parts of the business. This type of flexibility is what our concrete coatings are known for. You can use them anywhere and, as an experienced Minneapolis floor coatings company, we can install the coating anywhere you need us to in your auto dealership.

Auto Dealership Floor Coatings

Well-Versed in Auto Dealership Floor Coatings Application

Our polyurea polyaspartic floor coatings are suited for different areas of your dealership:

  • Offices
  • Service areas
  • Car detailing areas
  • Parts departments
  • The body shop
  • The showroom
  • Wash bays

The coatings transform the existing concrete floor into a chemical-resistant surface. The surface is waterproof, UV stable, up to 4 times stronger than epoxy, and beautiful. In many cases, there is no need to replace the concrete floor when the existing floor can be coated. Cracks and other types of damage are mitigated so the coating does its job.

When deciding on where to place the coating, there are different floor coating styles that you can choose from. They include:

Garage Floor Coatings MN One Day Garage Floor Mn Polyurea Floor Coatings MN Polyurea Garage Floor MN MALIBU

Each style has a unique look, beautiful colors that work well for different auto dealership applications, and they are durable. All of our coatings are UV stable and can stand up to the abuse experienced by auto dealership floors for years on end.

Auto Dealership Floor Coatings

Speak Volumes About Your Business

The auto dealership floors speak volumes about how you feel about the business and your customers. After the concrete coating installation process is complete, customers will see the value in the cars you are selling and the services you offer. The perception of your business is strengthened. Coated concrete floors completed by our St Louis Park floor coatings company will help you make a great first impression.

Auto Dealership Floor Coatings

Contact A Minnesota Floor Coatings Company

The showroom floor of an auto dealership is a decision-making place. The flooring of the right color and style impacts how well the business stands out and influences those decisions. The right presentation makes a good first impression.  To learn more about how Concrete coatings of Minnesota can help you with your auto dealership floor coating, call 651-458-0196 for a free quote.

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