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Garage Floor Coatings Minneapolis

Garage Floor Coatings Minneapolis

Garage floors go through a lot of abuse, which is why it’s important to have a garage floor coating that can stand up to it. Our polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings by Citadel can be applied at any temperature and it bonds easily to practically any concrete surface. It’s flexible enough to deal with small cracks and can cure to full strength in as little as 30 minutes. Our Minneapolis Garage Floor Coatings company is highly experienced in coating installation and will ensure that it is done right.

Installing Garage Floor Coatings The Right Way

When installing a floor coating in your garage, the surface has to be properly prepared. The floor can’t have a high moisture vapor emission rate and the proper solids content must be present in the polyaspartic coating to facilitate the proper bond. Ensuring the right conditions can make a polyaspartic coating extremely successful in a garage. It is UV stable and can be applied in extremely low Minnesota temperatures. The coatings also stand up to vehicle traffic and chemical spills.

You also have different color options from a number of collections that include:

While your garage may be a place where a floor goes through a great deal of abuse, you can have a great looking floor that brightens the space and adds more functionality. One significant perk is that you don’t have to worry about replacing the concrete floor. Your existing floor is used, which saves time and money.

Services & Styles Night Gray

Solid colors




Decorative chip





Completed In A Single Day

What’s more is that polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings can be completed in a day. In other words, it’ll be ready for normal use by the next day. The result is a beautiful and durable floor that will last for years to come.

At Concrete Coatings of Minnesota, we will talk to you to determine what you need. We will ask questions, answer yours, and communicate with you throughout the entire floor coating process. You will find that we can complete the job quickly so that you can get back to normal activities in your garage, whether it’s a residential garage or commercial garage. The less downtime you have, the better.


Contact A Garage Floor Coatings Minneapolis Company

Garage floors come in different shapes and sizes, but our floor coatings from Citadel can make them more durable and beautiful. The coatings are UV stable and stand up to many chemicals and the abuses that garage floors go through. To learn more about our high-quality garage floor coatings and how we can make your vision a reality, call us at 651-458-0196 to request a free quote

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