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The Luxury of an Indoor Spa-At Home!

The Luxury of an Indoor Spa-At Home

The luxury of an indoor spa-at home!

Are you feeling the cabin fever set in yet? Perhaps you need something to make staying indoors a luxurious experience, like a spa. And it is sure to make your home the one everyone wants to visit when they come onto town.

Choices of Baths or Hot Tubs

When it comes to dipping yourself into a soothing vat of hot water, you will have many options from which to choose. First, decide how many people you want to fit into the tub. You can have a tub for two or get one large enough for the entire family. Then consider the other choices you will need to make:

·         What shape would you like it to be?

·         Do you want therapeutic jets?

·         What kind of filtration would you like?

·         Choose comfortable seating

·         Would you like a cover to keep the temperature stable on larger tubs?

·         Do you want unique lighting?

All these choices will be easier to make with a bit of advanced research. Visit a few spa showrooms to learn about the differences and take the time to decide what is most important to you.

Ambiance Make your Spa Room Attractive

A fantastic spa experience tickles all your senses. The smell of eucalyptus and the warmth in the air are just part of it.  Also, consider:

·         Including green foliage will bring a sense of life to the spa. Be sure that the plants do well in low-light conditions and check them weekly to see if they need to be watered.

·         The spa atmosphere will be more humid than the rest of your home, so anything likely to be damaged by moisture is best used to decorate a different room.

·         Don’t forget to include a hands-free sound system that will allow you to enjoy music while you relax.

·         Thick white towels and terrycloth robes will mean you never need to streak through your home cold and wet because you forgot to bring a towel.

·         Have a shower and a separate toilet area nearby.

·         Always keep your shampoo and lotion stocked up.

You’ve been thinking about renovating your home’s lower level, anyway.

Why the lower level? Although a hot tub can sit on any level surface that can remain stable, regardless of moisture or weight, the best surface for your hot tub or swim spa is concrete. Remember, a hot tub filled with water-and people is very heavy. Therefore, the surface on which you place it should be able to withstand at least 115 pounds per square foot. By having your spa room on the lower level of your home, you don’t need to worry about the floor being unable to withstand the weight or water leaking through to a lower level (since it is on the lowest level).

Coat that Concrete!

To have your floor look and feel attractive, consider coating your concrete with polyurea or polyaspartic concrete coating. It is available in countless styles, patterns, and colors. Best of all, coating your concrete will protect it from moisture and chemicals. You can also have texture added to make it slip-resistant for safety. Concrete Coatings of Minnesota are the experts to call. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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