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What are the Speckles in the Concrete Coating?

Speckles in the concrete, decorative chip floor coating

What Are The Specks In Decorative Concrete?

The decorative chip is beautiful and offers an anti-slip texture for added safety. However, people often ask, “What are the speckles in the concrete coating?”

Our polyaspartic concrete coatings come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. One of the most popular is the decorative chip style, which gives you the classic terrazzo appearance at an affordable price. It is easy to clean and camouflages any dirt and debris between cleanings. Not only is it beautiful, but it also offers an anti-slip texture for added safety. People often ask, “What are the speckles in the concrete coating?”

Our Concrete Floor Coating has Several Layers


We start with a solid foundation—the concrete! Often our customers come to us with garage floors that are pitted and cracked. These floors need a little TLC before we can coat them. So, we shot blast the floor to remove any loose and unbonded concrete. Next, we use a crack saw to grind out any cracks and pitted areas. Then, we vacuum up any dust and debris before filling the cracks and pitted areas of the floor with a special mortar and silica sand. Once it is dry, we sand it and vacuum it again. Finally, it is time to Prime with the basecoat.


We will prime your floor with a base coat. First, we brush the corners and hard-to-reach areas. Then we use a roller brush to spread the base coat on the remainder of the floor. As we do this, we wear spiked shoes so that we won’t ruin the floor while we coat it.


Next, we broadcast the vinyl flakes of your choosing over the basecoat. We scatter them until they completely cover the floor. Once the floor is completely dry, we will use a stiff commercial broom or squeegee to scrape off all excess vinyl flakes. Then we vacuum the floor for good measure.


Now it’s time for the topcoat. We apply it much like the basecoat, brushed along the edges and in the corners to start. Then, we use a roller to spread the topcoat across the floor. We can broadcast a thin aluminum oxide layer for additional slip resistance if the customer wants.

Enjoy Your New Floor!

Within 24-48 hours, your floor is ready to use again. It is UV stable so that it doesn’t fade or discolor in the sun. The beautiful color and gloss are here to stay!

When you invest in a big project like coating your garage floors, you want it done right—contact Concrete Coatings of Minnesota. There is a reason we have so many satisfied customers. We are the best in the business, and our customer service is second to none.

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