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Surfboards And Bicycles In Empty Garage
What Can I Do To Make My Garage Floor New Again? If you are looking for an instant way to update your garage, updating your garage floor is the best way to start. In fact, a nice clean and seal is all that is needed to update the look of most garage floors and turn...
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Rockford Garage Floor Coating
Does Your Garage Floor Need to Be Replaced? Is your garage floor chipped and cracked? You may be putting off dealing with it, thinking it will need to be replaced. There’s good news! If you deal with it sooner than later, you can probably avoid concrete replacement. Instead, call us to schedule a free assessment....
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Speckles in the concrete, decorative chop
What Are The Specks In Decorative Concrete? The decorative chip is beautiful and offers an anti-slip texture for added safety. However, people often ask, “What are the speckles in the concrete coating?” Our polyaspartic concrete coatings come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. One of the most popular is the decorative chip...
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Shoveling, coated garage floor
Is Winter A Good Time To Coat My Garage Floor? In Minnesota, we get used to doing everything seasonally, so you might wonder if getting your garage floor coated is something that will have to wait for the warmer months of the year. However, even in the cold month of winter, we can coat any...
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Car parked on a sealed concrete floor, adding a drain to your garage floor
Does Your Garage Need A Drain? You may not have really thought about adding a drain to your garage floor before. We park our cars and trucks in our garage during Minnesota’s winter months. They go out on the road and then return with snow on their tires each day. The snow, mixed with salt...
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Concrete needing repair - weed growing through crack
Should I repair or replace my concrete? Your concrete floor is a mess. It is stained, pitted and cracked. What should you do? Repair or replace it? Whichever you choose, one thing is for certain. You should coat it! Your concrete floor is a mess. It is stained, pitted and cracked. What should you do?...
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Stain On Concrete Flooring H8xyjlu
One of the most significant differences between DIY floor coating and having a professional coat your concrete floor is the preparation. Preparation is also one of the most critical steps to ensuring your floor will last for years to come. Acid Washing DIY kits usually include an acid wash. This will remove a thin layer...
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Concrete Coatings Of Minnesota Residential 006
What are the Four Benefits of Epoxy Flooring? There are many flooring options out there, but when it comes to concrete, the ones that reign supreme are epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurea floor coatings. Today we will focus on the benefits of epoxy flooring. A Short History of Epoxy Epoxy Resins have been around since the...
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