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Chef cooking at an outdoor kitchen and grill
Where Do I Start with An Outdoor Kitchen in Minnesota? Hosting an outdoor cookout is one of the best parts of summer in Minnesota. Whether you want a basic area to grill or a show stopping outdoor kitchen, coated concrete is the ideal foundation! Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen There are some significant benefits to...
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Have Affordable Terrazzo Floors, image of mockup Terrazzo podium for product presentation
For the past few years, the look of mid-century terrazzo has seen an incredible resurgence in popularity. Today we will look at how this style began and how you can have affordable Terrazzo Floors. The Origins of Terrazzo The ancient mosaics inspired terrazzo. Mosaics began in Mesopotamia in the 3rd century BCE. In a mosaic,...
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Beautifying your yard with a concrete walkway
A concrete walkway can do so much to beautify your yard! It is time to start thinking about how beautiful your yard will be this year. One of the best features you can add to your yard is a garden walkway. A beautiful path is a perfect invitation for you and your guests to gather...
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Saint Peters Basilica Vatican Rome Italy 2021 08 26 16 34 16 Utc
Why wasn’t Rome built in A Day Anyway? Why are Ancient Roman Sea walls still standing while your driveway is cracked within a decade? And how can your driveway last longer? Here’s why Rome wasn’t built in a day Have you ever wondered how structures that the ancient Romans built can still be standing strong...
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Shoveling The Driveway On Snowy Winter Day Cvphccn
The best thing you can do for your outdoor concrete is to have it sealed. This will prevent moisture from seeping inside of it and damaging it as the temperatures drop this winter. When you live in Minnesota, you know all about winterizing your car and home, but have you thought about winterizing your concrete?...
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Customer Service Performance Appraisal Vy7t6ry
Customer Service Builds Relationships We love making our customers’ concrete look like new again. Even more, we take pride in the relationships we build thanks to our customer service. That starts with the very first phone call you make to ask for an estimate or find out more about what we do. We recently made...
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