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Garage Floor Repair
New modern Garage Door And Concrete Driveway In Front
The Importance of a Well-Maintained and Functional Garage A well-maintained and functional garage is often an overlooked aspect of a home, yet it plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Whether you use your garage for parking your vehicles, as a workshop, or simply for storage purposes, it’s essential to recognize the importance of...
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Spacious Garage With Brick Walls
Whether you realize it or not, your garage floor goes through a lot of heavy stress compared to other parts of your home. We know that everything goes through some stress with Minnesota Winters. Your garage is no different, with your car tracking in unwanted dirt, salt, and grime, not to mention the heavy foot...
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Homes Neighborhoods Houses Covered With Snow Aft 2022 11 11 16 52 42 Utc
Your home’s garage floor goes through a lot of work with the constant foot and vehicle traffic. But during those winter months, its workload increases. Along with the continuous exposure to dust, dirt, mud, car leaking, and rain during the winter, your garage floor also has to battle the snow, ice, salt, and other chemicals. ...
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Surfboards And Bicycles In Empty Garage with floor coating.
What Can I Do To Make My Garage Floor New Again? If you are looking for an instant way to update your garage, updating your garage floor is the best way to start. In fact, a nice clean and seal is all that is needed to update the look of most garage floors and turn...
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Rockford Garage Floor Coating
Does Your Garage Floor Need to Be Replaced? Is your garage floor chipped and cracked? You may be putting off dealing with it, thinking it will need to be replaced. There’s good news! If you deal with it sooner than later, you can probably avoid concrete replacement. Instead, call us to schedule a free assessment....
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Speckles in the concrete, decorative chop
What Are The Specks In Decorative Concrete? The decorative chip is beautiful and offers an anti-slip texture for added safety. However, people often ask, “What are the speckles in the concrete coating?” Our polyaspartic concrete coatings come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. One of the most popular is the decorative chip...
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Giving your garage a makeover by organizing it
Could Your Garage Use A Makeover? Concrete Coatings of Minnesota has the experience and skill to give you a beautiful garage floor. You will feel so freed once you organize your garage. Give your garage the makeover it deserves. For many people, the idea of having their garage floor recoated is appealing, but the thought...
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Shoveling, coated garage floor
Is Winter A Good Time To Coat My Garage Floor? In Minnesota, we get used to doing everything seasonally, so you might wonder if getting your garage floor coated is something that will have to wait for the warmer months of the year. However, even in the cold month of winter, we can coat any...
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Car parked on a sealed concrete floor, adding a drain to your garage floor
Does Your Garage Need A Drain? You may not have really thought about adding a drain to your garage floor before. We park our cars and trucks in our garage during Minnesota’s winter months. They go out on the road and then return with snow on their tires each day. The snow, mixed with salt...
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Speckled garage floor
There are two types of concrete: concrete that has cracked, and concrete that is going to crack. When Shrinking Cracks Your Concrete There are a few reasons for cracking. Shrinking is one of them. 20 square feet of fresh concrete will shrink 1/8” to 1/4” as it cures. Keeping this in mind, engineers and contractors...
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