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What Is The Best Concrete Coating For A Garage?

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What Can I Do To Make My Garage Floor New Again?

If you are looking for an instant way to update your garage, updating your garage floor is the best way to start. In fact, a nice clean and seal is all that is needed to update the look of most garage floors and turn a neglected area of your home into something impressive.

That said, there are many different concrete coatings to choose from if you are looking at restoring your garage floor. While most people are familiar with epoxy floor coating, latex paint, floor tiles, and polyurethane coating are other options. So before starting your next clean and seal, look at these concrete coatings to get a better idea of what will naturally work with your garage floor.

Latex Paint for Garages

Many homeowners opt for Latex paint when attempting to spruce up their garage floor because it is a quick and easily customizable solution. Compared to other clean and seal solutions and kits, paint is cheap and something most people have experience applying.

However, before applying the paint, you must prepare garage floors properly, which for most homeowners, will mean repairing damage such as cracks. Usually, a degreaser must also be applied. Otherwise, the paint won’t stick right.

Unfortunately, Latex paints do little to protect garage floors, and once the paint is dry, the only thing you get is a quick cosmetic update. Paint chips quickly, so your garage floor will probably require another touch-up within a short time frame.

Polyurethane Coating For Garages

Polyurethane is a type of polymer that can be applied to garage floors to provide a solid coating that is stain and chemical resistant. However, you cannot adjust the thickness of polyurethane coatings on garage floors like you can with epoxy, so generally, the coating only ends up being between two to three millimeters thick, which does little to hide imperfections. The benefit of using polyurethane is that it is extremely flexible and often absorbs better than other coatings.

Floor Tiles 

If the idea of any type of seal and clean coating is overwhelming, then you might want to skip refinishing your garage floors and opt for interlocking floor tiles instead. Floor tiles are great if you are on a tight budget and an easy way to cover up floor damage that you cannot afford to fix.

While they won’t actually add any value to your garage, since they are usually cushioned, they can help minimize adding to the damage by reducing daily wear and tear. Plus, unlike other traditional types of floor coatings requiring a clean and seal application, you can install floor tiles one afternoon.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Rounding out our list of clean and seal kits for garage floors is epoxy coatings. Epoxy coatings are actually engineered to work exceptionally well in industrial, commercial, and garage spaces. This is because there are several variations of epoxy coatings and many different types. This means that there is an epoxy product designed for every type of application and every type of garage floor.

In addition, epoxy coatings are easy to apply and are known for their excellent adhesion to concrete. High-end epoxy coatings are also made of a large percentage of solids, creating a robust coating resistant to scratching and daily wear and tear.

Call The Garage Floor Experts

We recommend epoxy floor coating for all garage floors and offer a variety of colors, styles, and products so that we can ensure your garage floor is perfect by the time we finish the job. Contact Concrete Coatings of Minnesota for more information about the ideal concrete coatings for your space.

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