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How You Know Your Concrete Floor is Ready For a Makeover

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Are Your Concrete Floors in Need of a Makeover?

The quality of your concrete floors is something that can easily be overlooked. But when is the right time to get them replaced or repaired? If you notice any cracks, stains, or pits, it might be time to look at new solutions for your concrete floors. Whether it’s a full replacement or just a repair job one thing is for certain, you should coat it!

Replace or Repair Your Concrete Floors

If there isn’t too much damage to your floors, repairing might be the way to go. It’s the less expensive option and has limiting ecological effects compared to a complete floor repair. Total replacement might be the case for your floors if they are beyond repair. A good way to tell the difference between replacing and repair is if there are any gaping holes in your floor. Are there cracks wider than two inches? Are there high concentrations of chemicals embedded in your concrete?

If You Replace

If your concrete floors are beyond repair, Concrete Coatings of Minnesota offers a perfect way to protect your new concrete for years to come. Our Clean and Seal process keeps the concrete looking like new.

If You Repair 

Our coating process includes removing any pitting, making repairs to minor cracks, and ensuring your concrete is in the best condition for coating. The protective coating we offer includes countless styles and patterns to choose from:

Within 24 hours you are able to walk on your floors, and within 48 hours, you can drive on it, having far less disruption to your daily routine.

Preparing Your Concrete Floors

After choosing whether to replace or repair, you need to prepare for our arrival. Removing everything off the floors and out of the area will make things run much more smoothly. If you need any storage for the contents of your space, we offer lockable storage from Dart Portable Storage for an additional charge for up to 30 days. 

Contact Us 

If you’re having trouble deciding whether your floors need replacing or repairing, call us for a free consultation! We will be happy to come out and advise you on the best course of action. 

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