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Turn Your Unfinished Basement into the Space of Your Dreams

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What it Takes to Turn Your Unfinished Basement into Something Great

As you get comfortable in your new home, your unfinished basement can sometimes be on the bottom of your priority list. But with a great space like that, why have all that space go to waste? There are so many possibilities for making that space functional for your family, starting with its floors.

Concrete Coatings of Minnesota specializes in coating basement floors so it can be transformed into a gorgeous extra space for your home. Unfortunately, basements are one of the most vulnerable areas for damage due to chemicals, moisture, and wear & tear, so getting them coated should be a top priority for the beginning stages of your basement project. 

Potential Functions for your Space

Adding that extra space in your home can provide so many more useful areas for you and your family, so what can you turn it into?

  • Office Space
  • Craft Room
  • Additional Living Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Man Cave
  • Room for a Spare Bathroom
  • Extra Bedrooms
  • At-Home Gym

Style It to Your Needs

Depending on the functionality of your basement, you probably want it to look a certain way. The style of your floors is a big part of designing your particular space. Concrete Coatings knows how important it is to have the specific floors you want, and that’s why they provide its customers with a wide variety of colors and styles. Not only can concrete floors be colored to match any preference, but you can also choose finishes that resemble marble, slate, tile, and much more. There are so many options to fit the needs of your space and no one provides a more durable and flexible floor material than Concrete Coatings of Minnesota!

Quick & Easy

We know how timely and stressful a renovation process can be. That’s why the advanced technology we use has been designed to make the coating process quick. For most projects, we can even be done in one day! That means less chaos for your home and one step closer to getting the dream basement you’ve been waiting for. 

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It’s never too late to get the finished home of your dreams. Beyond basements, we specialize in garage floors, driveways, steps, showrooms, and more! For any questions and to receive a free estimate on your concrete project, call us today at (651) 458-0196 or contact us online.

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