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The Perfect Man Cave

Man-Cave with pool table and concrete floors with new grey and white coating.

We may be in the peak of summer, but soon, fall will be upon us, which means football! Unfortunately, it also means that we end up stuck inside a lot more, leading to cabin fever. A solution will make football season extra special and give you a place to retreat when you need a little space—the perfect man-cave.

What Makes the Perfect Man-Cave?

The only fundamental requirement for a perfect man cave is that it is precisely where you want to be when you need to relax and renew. How you create that atmosphere will depend on what you enjoy doing, what refreshes you, and the kind of environment you have always dreamed of escaping to when you have a couple of extra hours in your day.

Where to Put Your Man-Cave

The location of your Man-Cave will depend greatly on your home’s layout and the availability of space you have. if you are like most people, all your square footage is spoken for. Therefore, creating a man-cave will require some space reallocation. If you have a family, you will also need their cooperation. Some places that people turn into man caves are:

·       Part of a Basement

·       Garage

·       Attic

·       Shed or Out-Building

·       Spare Bedroom

·       Four Season Porch

It’s Time to Declutter

To convert your chosen space into your man-cave, you will need to empty it of all of the things it once held. Are there better places for these things to go? Do you even use them? Often when we choose a man-cave location, it is in an out-of-the-way place. The items that have been stored there may not get any use. The best thing you can do with them may be to give them away.

There are a few exceptions, such as if you are using your garage. In that case, you will need to keep many of your tools and things in the garage and become ultra-organized. Then, please find a way of integrating them into the decor of your man-cave. That brings us to the next man-cave must-have.

Your Man-Cave’s Theme

Once you have emptied your man cave and can see the space you have to work with, it is time to decide on the theme of your man cave. Your theme should reflect who you are deep inside. What is important to you? What do you enjoy doing?

·       If you love football, you could decorate it with the colors and memorabilia of your favorite team. Have comfortable seating, a fridge for your favorite snacks and beverages, and of course—a big screen TV.

·       Do you travel? Get a cool globe. Put a massive map on the wall.

·       If you love cars, license plates from different states can be a great wall covering.

·       Fitness fanatics can have all their exercise equipment in their mancave. It will be the ultimate gym!

·       Musicians can have a man-cave studio fully soundproofed. In addition, you can decorate the walls with instruments or LPs.

·       A rec room is always a fun man-cave to retreat to or to have friends over to visit. Add a pool table or foosball and anything else you enjoy playing.

·       If you prefer someplace quiet, you can create a library of your very own, with the perfect reading chair and end table.

Pinterest is full of great ideas for setting up your man-cave.

One Thing You Want to Get Right

You want to have the right flooring for your man-cave. The perfect flooring is our polyaspartic and polyurea concrete floor coating. It can handle anything and looks stunning, especially with the fantastic variety of colors, textures, and styles that we offer. Best of all, we can get the job done in one day!

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