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How To Have the Perfect She-Shed

women tying a ribbon on a bundle of flowers, working in her she-shed

Ladies, have you ever wanted a place of your own to get away without having to go anywhere? You may want a she-shed. A she-shed is a woman’s version of a man-cave. It’s your own private getaway where you can go to renew and do whatever it is that reinvigorates you.

There are many types of she-sheds

Potting Shed

For all the women with a green thumb, you may enjoy the benefits of a potting shed. This will keep you busy on the days you need to get away and provide a perfect opportunity to grow your own foods!

Craft Shed

A Craft Shed is perfect for scrapbookers, stampers, jewelers, knitters, potters, or any other type of craft you love.

Collectors Shed

Have a space to show off your beanie babies or your salt and pepper shaker collection. Whatever it is that you love to collect can be on display in your she-shed.

Writer’s Shed

Do you want to write the next great American novel? Block the distractions and get the words down on paper in this haven of your own.

Guest Cottage

Get double the benefit from your she-shed by turning it into a guest cottage when friends or family come to town. Then when they leave, you have your private space back again!

Music Shed

Do you have an instrument you’ve always wanted to learn? Practice in the privacy of your she-shed. Or is listening to LPs more your style? You can enjoy your music in your personal hideaway. You may want to wear headphones, though if it isn’t insulated for sound, to keep the peace with the neighbors.

Influencer’s Shed

Are you a social media influencer? Do you have a podcast or a YouTube channel? Turn your shed into your platform where you can record video and audio to send to your audience.

Home Office Shed

Are you still working from home? You may as well enjoy where you are working. Turn a shed into a home office with a beautiful view.

Entertainment Shed

Do you enjoy having a few friends over for drinks or games? Then, with a stocked mini-fridge, a table, and chairs, this might be the shed for you.

Artist’s Shed

This is a perfect place to store your supplies and use them when the opportunity strikes.

All-Purpose Shed

This is the perfect place to read, take a nap, meditate, or do whatever else helps you relax. And this shed’s décor can reflect your personality. It may be floral and lace or leather and wood.

Find your inspiration

There are a lot of fun ideas for she-sheds on Pinterest. You can also find inspiration from tiny houses. After all, you will need to find ways to save space when and however you can, in your personal haven. The décor in your shed can be a sharp departure from that in your home if you like. You can do whatever you want with it. It’s yours!

Start from the ground, up!

Your personal space should have the perfect floor.  We recommend a concrete slab coated with polyaspartic and polyurea concrete floor coating. It can handle anything, cleans up quickly, and looks stunning, especially with the fantastic variety of colors, textures, and styles that we offer.

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