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The Dangers of Acid Washing Your Concrete

Black Wash Stain On Grey Concrete Floor

One of the most significant differences between DIY floor coating and having a professional coat your concrete floor is the preparation. Preparation is also one of the most critical steps to ensuring your floor will last for years to come.

Acid Washing

DIY kits usually include an acid wash. This will remove a thin layer of the concrete’s surface, but it will be impervious to it if the stain is any deeper. The acid wash also doesn’t remove water-insoluble materials such as oily deposits or previous coatings.

Worse than the inadequacies of the acid wash process are the dangers of it.

·       Over time, it can destroy concrete as the acid weakens its structure. This will cause scaling, pitting, peeling, and cracking.

·       If the acid wash gets into the soil, it will evaporate on the surface but remain beneath the surface (just like it does with concrete). As a result, it can eventually reach the water supply harming or killing wildlife, plants, and aquatic animals.

·       The caustic acid can burn your skin if you come into contact with the solution, and its fumes can burn your lungs, causing permanent damage.

Acid wash should never be used by a professional coating company or a DIYer.  Instead, the surface should be prepared by grinding and/or shot-blasting.

Grinding and Shot Blasting

For an epoxy or other polymer to bond well to your concrete floor, the surface must first be prepared to a substantial surface profile of 2 or better. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art diamond grinders, shot blasters, and dustless, self-contained vacuum systems.

We will grind the edges using a hand grinder to ensure every inch of your floor’s surface is prepared correctly. We can also hand grind steps, baseboards, foundation walls, and cinder blocks. This part of our process removes loose cement and surface contaminants and opens the pores of the concrete, creating a rough surface that will promote adhesion.

Filling Cracks

We will open any hairline cracks and fill them with polyurea filler. This will dry in 25 minutes so that the excess can then be ground flush with the surface. We will also fill and grind down any salt pitting and other imperfections. Once this part of the process is complete, we vacuum any remaining dust from the floor.

Always Choose the Best Professional for the Job

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