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Woman Works From Cozy Home Office
Need a new at-home office for working remotely? With many jobs going remote, there is a large demand for creating that extra space in your home for an office. Rather than dealing with the hassle of attaching an addition to your home, look to your available spaces, such as a garage or basement.  Concrete Coatings...
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Have Affordable Terrazzo Floors, image of mockup Terrazzo podium for product presentation
For the past few years, the look of mid-century terrazzo has seen an incredible resurgence in popularity. Today we will look at how this style began and how you can have affordable Terrazzo Floors. The Origins of Terrazzo The ancient mosaics inspired terrazzo. Mosaics began in Mesopotamia in the 3rd century BCE. In a mosaic,...
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Beautifying your yard with a concrete walkway
A concrete walkway can do so much to beautify your yard! It is time to start thinking about how beautiful your yard will be this year. One of the best features you can add to your yard is a garden walkway. A beautiful path is a perfect invitation for you and your guests to gather...
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Fresh Vegetables Greens And Fruits Over Grey Conc 2021 08 26 16 18 03 Utc
Have You Thought About Concrete Countertops For Your Home? While all your friends are ordering their kitchen countertops in granite or marble, you want something unique. So you’re thinking—Concrete! Whether you are looking for an industrial look or something with unmatched elegance, concrete offers options that many people overlook when remodeling their kitchen. Durability Concrete...
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Depositphotos 152222132 S 2019 3
If anything could make you want to be a kid again, it is the perfect playroom! With kids spending more time at home, it is more important than ever to have a place to enjoy themselves and express the creative, fun-loving part of their personalities. So how do you make the perfect playroom? All of...
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Black Wash Stain On Grey Concrete Floor
One of the most significant differences between DIY floor coating and having a professional coat your concrete floor is the preparation. Preparation is also one of the most critical steps to ensuring your floor will last for years to come. Acid Washing DIY kits usually include an acid wash. This will remove a thin layer...
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women tying a ribbon on a bundle of flowers, working in her she-shed
Ladies, have you ever wanted a place of your own to get away without having to go anywhere? You may want a she-shed. A she-shed is a woman’s version of a man-cave. It’s your own private getaway where you can go to renew and do whatever it is that reinvigorates you. There are many types...
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Man-Cave with pool table and concrete floors with new grey and white coating.
The only fundamental requirement for a perfect man cave is that it is precisely where you want to be when you need to relax and renew. And, the right floor makes a big difference!
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Concrete Coatings Of Minnesota Residential 006
What are the Four Benefits of Epoxy Flooring? There are many flooring options out there, but when it comes to concrete, the ones that reign supreme are epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurea floor coatings. Today we will focus on the benefits of epoxy flooring. A Short History of Epoxy Epoxy Resins have been around since the...
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As the temperature rises this summer, people often head to the lower levels of their homes to stay cool. That doesn’t mean they want to have a dungeon experience. Coating the concrete floors in your basement has so many benefits. Coated Concrete Floors are: Beautiful. Basements are subject to moisture and other harsh conditions, which...
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